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Contacts:JoAnne Stone-Geier
 Falise Platt

IT'S ABOUT TIME... women are trying to discover extra time and now they can find it at 24/8 Book Club.

Women are always trying to squeeze time out of their week for themselves and the 24/8 Book Club has the solution. We are dishing up books 24/8 and immediate seating is always available no matter when you arrive at www.248bookclub.com.

JoAnne Stone-Geier and Falise Platt are launching the opening of their 24/8 Internet-based social community that revolves around books at SoTish, in LaGrange, (23 S. La Grange Rd) on May 4th. Chicago author and Rachael Ray's content buddy, Stacey Ballis, will be the book club's first guest and will dish with the hosts and guests. The seatings will be at 7:00 and 8:00 p.m.

24/8 is a non-traditional book club, because in 2007, women don't have traditional lives. Platt and Stone-Geier have found away to turn a hectic and time-challenged week from 24/7 into 24/8. This web destination delivers virtual time for those who are avid readers, those who have forgotten the magic of reading, or just the curious.

24/8 website is their first layer of media using a 1950's diner motif, and will be available for women who seek a social community, sharing reading recommendations, viewing author interviews and discovering old and new books. This is the virtual water cooler for women who want to have fun but MySpace and You Tube are just not their thing.

Check out the website at www.248bookclub.com. Once you're there, you can order a take-out booklist, review oil and vinegar (head-to-head reviews), find out the dish on authors and more. Watch for more information about 24/8 throughout the summer as Platt and Stone-Geier spread the word in some unusual places with surprising fun events. 24/8 will be the buzz as word of mouth continues to spread on this new exciting social community like nothing else on the net.


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