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~ Oil & Vinegar ~

"No two persons ever read the same book."
~ Edmund Wilson

Spinster Sisters
by Stacey Ballis

It is usually very difficult for me to start a new book, especially when I am missing my last book and its characters. This book, The Spinster Sisters, starts in such a clever way; I just had to see what was next.

The characters in The Spinster Sisters are so well developed we can only wonder which family members and friends in Stacey’s life provided the inspiration for each of them. And don't think this is a man hater book or based on the use of the word Spinster in the title as it is anything but that.

Stacey is just as smart, creative and witty in person as she writes. While this is women's literature, you should definitely make sure you take it all in because like a good movie you will uncover clever details you missed the first time through. So, the first thing I did when I finished the book was to go back to the start of the book and read the first few pages again where I did pick up some details and enjoyed a laugh or two.

Spinster Sisters was a quick read that I was sorry to see it end. Once you get a chance to live in the Spingold Sister’s shoes they feel like friends, I am definitely part of the Spinster Sisterhood.


After reading Room For Improvement, I fell in love with the main character, Lilly Allen, and I couldn’t wait to read Stacey's newest book, Spinster Sisters. Her characters always seem so real and I begin to care about them just a few pages into the book. And while Stacey's quick, sharp dialog really moves the story, it's the spirit of the two sisters and their supportive cast that keeps me interested. I like to read how the sisters deal with change in their personal and business lives. These sisters are not young and naive, so the story appeals to people with a few experiences under their belts.

The story is of two sisters, Jill and Jody Spingold, who work and live together in Chicago. The characters are believable and their adventures are fun. The entrepreneur in me loves the storyline of building an empire from a payday advance . Believe me, THE DONALD would never fire these women. And my inner marketing child loves the how the characters are introduced. It’s as clever as the sisters are. The sister/friend in me loves the relationship story, and the food columnist in me loves the Thursday night rituals. The cynic in me thinks Hunter is too good to be true, but I love thinking that it is possible.

Stacey knows her audience and gives us a fun read. This book isn't just brain candy. However, it IS perfect to read as you lay in the porch swing and enjoy the sun this summer.

How did Stacey know my fantasy life?

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