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      International Business Consulting

      What makes Yamada Consulting Group outperform its competitors?
      We have three strengths in our international business consulting services: (1) We can serve as a single source to support at every stage of a client from market entry through its existing business improvement to market exit, from both inside and outside Japan; (2) We have highly-sophisticated skills in global market research; and (3) We have a robust international network. For details, please refer to the Line of Business page.
      Click here for details
      What is the average scale of business you most serve?
      In our international business consulting, we support companies in different annual revenues ranging from 3 billion yen to more than 300 billion yen. We provide various support flexibly customized to each client in different phases in its international business.
      In which countries do you provide support? Where do you perform best?
      We have offices in China, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia, where our Japanese consultants are stationed to serve as a single source to provide full support. We also offer M&A advisory services in the United States and Europe.
      We are looking to expand our business internationally. At what stage should we consult you?
      Please consult us when you have a specific target or goal for your international business. We can also help you select which countries to target.
      What process would we go through before gaining your actual support?
      Our standard process includes: (1) Inquiry, (2) Meeting Arrangements, (3) Proposal/Quotation, (4) Signing Agreement, (5) Consulting. No fees are charged until an agreement is signed.
      How do you set up a project team?
      Our basic approach is to suggest a client in selecting personnel from the client’s Japan head office and its local base, and we appoint our personnel from Japan office and local office, to form a project team to proceed the project.
      I assume your consulting fee to be pricey.
      We have seen that many companies were eventually forced to withdraw as their go-to-market strategy was insufficient. We would appreciate it if you would think of the consulting fees as an investment, rather than the cost of starting a business.
      There is a recognition gap between the Japan head office and a local base, and we have failed to have the shared awareness of local issues.
      We stand up ready to serve both the Japan head office and the local base. We report the progress to both as necessary. We, as a third party, communicate the local base’s concerns to the Japan head office, leading the shared awareness with the local base.
      How long does a research take?
      It depends on the number and size of the countries targeted for research, but the general estimate is three months.
      Is the research deliverable report provided only in Japanese?
      We can prepare three types of written reports: (1) in Japanese, (2) in English with Japanese summary and (3) in English. We will explain specific conditions for our consulting services in detail, when we present a project proposal and the estimate.
      We are looking for a local partner for our international expansion. Can you help us find one?
      Yes. We select prospective partners that meet your conditions and hold meetings to narrow down the candidates to three at a maximum. We support you every step of the way until you sign an agreement with a partner matching your requirements.
      Do you provide support for clerical procedures required during and after international expansion?
      Actually, we do not conduct such operations, but we can refer you to partners or other companies who handle procedures related to expansion, accounting or taxes locally.
      We have expanded our business beyond Japan, but are in the red every fiscal year, and cannot identify the cause. Can you help us?
      Yes. We try to understand root causes and conditions, and then propose necessary improvements to reach a solution.
      How long does it take to acquire a foreign company?
      It depends on the size of the company.
      A general guideline is:
      • (1)Meetings and creating a basic agreement: 1 month
      • (2)Due diligence: 1 to 2 months
      • (3)Negotiating conditions and signing agreement: 1 to 2 months
      • (4)Closing: 2 months
      What is your fee structure for cross-border M&A advisory?
      We have different fee structures and which structure is to be applied depends on the deal conditions including its background and whether you are the seller or buyer. Please let us know if you need more detailed information.

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